With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Anwar Kazi and his wife Ashra, realized that this new generation of retired people, want to stay at home and continue enjoying life as they age. Retirement homes are an alternative lifestyle that many elderly persons do not want to accept. They want to stay in their own home. Home care is an old concept brought back to life by this generation. Taking care of the elderly and disabled, on their own terms, in their own home, in a comforting and affordable way is what Mastercare is about. Our motto is “Home is the best place to be”.

The Kazis formed Mastercare in 2004 as a way to ensure the elderly and disabled of Hawaii receive the type of care anyone would want to receive as they age. For the next 8 years, Mastercare grew, covering all of the 4 major islands of Hawaii as well as Houston, Texas.

In 2012, the Kazis were ready to spread their beliefs in the home care of seniors and the disabled throughout the country. They opened their first franchise and have never looked back.

About Mastercare

Our Beginning

The American population is getting older. Baby boomers are reaching retirement age in larger numbers than any generation before them. This generation is hard working and knows what they want. Many do not want to lose their independence as they grow older and be placed in some care home where their family and friends may forget about them. They want to be at home. They want to continue to live out their everyday lives and enjoy spending time with their family and friends. Home care is the perfect solution. This is where the idea of Mastercare was formed.

Our Motto

Home is the best place to be.

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