Private Duty Nursing Services are available for patients of all ages in their homes as well in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. These services are available for any length of time and aim to help patients perform daily living activities safely and independently while still receiving the care they need. Private Duty Nursing includes skilled nursing and Home Health Aide Service.

These services are specifically tailored for the care recipient’s well-being, comfort, and happiness. They are a great benefit to both the care recipient and their family by reducing the cost and depersonalized care often associated with institutions. By being at home, the care recipients are allowed much more freedom, reducing the stress often associated with Healthcare.

Many care recipients understand that their illness or injury limits or restricts daily living activities making everyday life difficult. Most feel that by staying in their homes, they will feel more comfortable and secure but worry that their family or friends will be burdened with caring for them. Mastercare is here to help relieve those burdens while ensuring the care recipient receives the proper care and treatment needed.

Private Duty Nursing care is usually requested directly from the patient or family; a prescription from your doctor is not required. Because of the large variety of care available and licenses required. Private Duty care costs are usually covered directly by the patient or family; in some instances, private insurance may cover some costs as well.

Our Skilled Medical Service Professionals

 Skilled Nurses

 Skilled Nurses provide

Home Care Aides

At Mastercare, we understand that every patient has different needs. We work with you, your doctor, and your family to ensure that the best care is provided.

Duration of Care Services

Depending on your needs, we provide a variety of schedules:

Intermittent Visits

Most Health Care patients’ needs can be met with intermittent care. Mastercare believes in doing 3 things: Treat, Educate, and Discharge.

Combining education of the patient and family together with treatment can speed the recovery process to discharge and self-care. Our system of high-quality intermittent visit care is focused on the patient’s and family’s physical and financial needs for the best possible outcome.

Mastercare provides quality intermittent care by:

Following Physician Preferences

When applicable, we work with your physician and their staff to understand and document their preferred care plan. Some of the orders discussed are:

Continuous Care

Various patients require homecare on a continuous basis. There are many patients that need care for extensive portions of the day, sometimes 24 hours a day. These include:

Mastercare is able to provide superior continuous-care because of the:

Specialized Care

Mastercare goes above the standards of Homecare and ensures our caregivers are provided with extended care training. Two credential programs that we currently offer to all of our caregivers are for Pediatric Care (RN service) and Wound Care (RN service).

Pediatric Care (Available In Select Locations)

Due to technological advances, pediatric care is now a possible option as an alternative to health care facilities. Not only can families choose to obtain care in their own homes, but Mastercare allows it to be more affordable as well.

Pediatric homecare is a uniquely rewarding, yet demanding, practice. Every Mastercare professional has in-depth experience and training for the unique demands of pediatric homecare. Since we started providing care for ill-stricken children in their homes, we have never strayed from our main focus- to respect our patients and their families and give them the care we would give our own family, care that is tailored to meet their needs.

Our skilled staff is proficient in specialty programs such as: (the following products are available in our select locations through our skilled Registered Nurses)

Wound Care (Available in Select Locations)

One of the fastest growing areas of homecare services is wound care. That is because it makes up the largest percentage of all home visits. It is vital for home care providers to have an understanding of wound care: the healing process, products and product usage, as well as suitable treatment and care.

Mastercare nurses and therapists have the newest products and techniques at their disposal. We have designed a detailed clinical training program with the following objectives:

We want to provide you with the best caretakers possible so we ensure our caretakers are provided with:

Mastercare employees provide an expansive variety of services for all areas of treatment and support, from meal preparation and housekeeping to highly skilled nursing care. Because we understand that families need to take time for themselves, we even provide respite care.