Companion Care

Do you have a loved one who needs a companion throughout the day? Many families try to handle companion care situations on their own, but the overwhelming nature of ensuring that a loved one has someone with them at all times can make professional assistance necessary. Mastercare provides a variety of companion care services that are designed to help people feel comfortable and happy in their own homes.

It is important for the companions that you hire to be licensed, bonded and insured. We make sure that all of our professionals meet this qualification to protect both parties. You can take the weight off your shoulders by opting for a professional who has earned these distinctions.

Caregivers who are hired for companion care services are trained to plan appropriate activities to keep the day interesting and engaging. These activities will be personalized according to the needs of your loved one.

Some of the services provided by our companion care professionals include:

  • Companion visits for adults and the elderly
  • Assistance with keeping in touch with loved ones via mail, email and telephone
  • Social media assistance
  • Support services for pregnant women and new mothers
  • Activity planning including art projects and other stimulating activities
  • Assistance with effective, organized scheduling
  • Respite care for overwhelmed family members
  • Adult sitting services

This is not a comprehensive list of the companion care services that Mastercare provides. If you are looking for a service that is not listed above, contact a friendly representative today to ask about your unique situation.



Personal Care

Some family members who are caring for a loved one feel that they are unable to provide the level of care that is necessary to meet personal care needs. It can be difficult for people who are struggling with their own daily challenges to ensure that their loved ones have their hygiene, medical or post-operative needs met.

Mastercare is ready to meet this challenge. Our personal care assistants have acquired a unique skill set that allows these professionals to keep your loved one healthy and comfortable.

Personal care attendants can handle a wide variety of situations. People who have someone on hand to help with daily tasks often feel more confident and hopeful, despite any limitations they may have. You can gain peace of mind when you know that someone is looking out for the well-being of your loved one.

Here is a sampling of the personal care services we offer.

  • Bathing
  • Grooming and assistance with getting dressed
  • Meal preparation
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Post-operative assistance
  • Personal hygiene assistance
  • Communication with medical professionals regarding living conditions
  • Assistance with bathroom needs
  • Ambulation

Are you wondering if we can provide a service that is not listed above? Contact us for more information! A friendly representative will gather information about your unique needs to determine how we can best serve you.



Senior Care

Geriatric care is a unique field that requires professionals to have a certain set of skills to get the job done. Several tasks fall into this category, and our specialized services allow you to find a caregiver who can meet all of your loved one’s needs.

Our intention when we provide senior care services is to allow our clients to lead happy, comfortable lives. We achieve this goal by providing dependable, compassionate services that are targeted to the unique abilities and limitations of each individual.

Mastercare is not a one-size-fits-all kind of senior care provider. We know that each of our clients has an individual personality that makes it essential for our caregivers to use skills, including observation and communication to come up with an individualized plan.


Registered nurses and licensed nurse practitioners who are on the staff at Mastercare can administer medications and provide specialized medical care in the home of a patient. This means that patients are able to remain comfortable in familiar surroundings. There’s no need to uproot your loved one and move them into a new home when they need medical care.

Mastercare can provide around-the-clock care for patients who cannot be alone. Some of the other services provided by our nurses include:

  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Exercise planning
  • Hospice care
  • Tube, drainage and bag maintenance
  • Blood draws
  • Injections
  • Vital sign monitoring
  • Wound care
  • Medication administration
  • In-home physical therapy



Senior Transportation

Getting from one place to another is a task that many people take for granted. This routine task can be especially difficult for seniors who are unable to drive. People who can drive may feel uncomfortable with the traffic or distance that they need to drive to reach important destinations, so senior transportation is a valuable service that Mastercare provides to its clients.

Our skilled caregivers are available to provide the senior transportation services needed to allow individuals to stay active. Clients can run errands, get to important appointments or even visit friends who live across town when Mastercare is providing transportation.

Our caregivers are dedicated to keeping clients on the road for increased independence.

There are many reasons to turn to us for transportation services.

  • Visiting friends, family members or neighbors
  • Attending recreational activities that clients find enjoyable
  • Getting to scheduled medical appointments
  • Having a companion for travel
  • Running errands on a routine basis

Are you looking for senior transportation services for a purpose that is not listed above? Contact one of our friendly representatives to ask about how we can meet your needs.



Skilled Nursing Care

Finding the right skilled nursing care professional can be a difficult process. There are times when you need someone to help right away, but the task of screening experienced nurses is lengthy. The right person offers a unique combination of skill, experience and compassion when taking care of individuals who cannot care for themselves.

You do not have to settle for the first nursing professional you find during your search. We make it easy to find the person whose experience and personality fit perfectly with your needs when you are looking for skilled nursing care solutions. Mastercare maintains a pool of qualified individuals who are available whenever the need arises. Our goal is to ensure that we provide the best level of care possible for every patient.

The nursing professionals who are available through Mastercare have the credentials needed to provide a high level of service. We work in conjunction with our clients to fill skilled nursing care positions ranging from nurse practitioner to physical therapist. Specialists in various fields related to nursing are also available.

Every professional we send to fill a position has been thoroughly screened. This allows our clients to rest assured that our candidates have the academic and professional experience needed to fill positions related to the medical field.

Contact us to speak with a representative who can discuss your needs. We provide specialized services that are designed to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.